3 Steps to Engagement Marketing Success

Everyone has a circle of influence. You belong to networks that are personal, like extended family, personal friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors and coworkers. As a professional you probably belong to chambers or industry-driven groups. These networks form your circle of influence.You influence them and they influence you. Word-of-mouth referrals are golden for most businesses. Those referrals are coming from those circles of influence. Before the days of Social Media you could not listen in on your customers’ conversation about your business. You couldn’t encourage them to spread the word about your business. With today’s social media tools at your disposal, you can encourage your clients to tell your story through engagement marketing. Those golden word-of-mouth moments are suddenly happening right in front of your eyes on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and review sites like Yelp. Through engagement marketing, word-of-mouth referrals become socially amplified. […]

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Getting Started with Email Marketing

I hear so many clients say they don’t have time for email marketing.  That’s like saying I don’t have time for my clients/customers. You need to keep in touch with your customers, engage with them to keep informed on what they need and expect from you. So whether you have a service based business or sell a product, you need to remind them you’re there for them. Email marketing is an important part of engagement marketing which is important for today’s SEO strategies. It’s the easiest form of relationship building. You can reach out to people on a regular basis, sharing your expertise or new services. Building Your list Before we discuss how to send and what to send to your customers we need to discuss how to grow your list. In addition to your current customers, the goal should be to also grow the list and find new customers. We all like the sound of that. The company that provides you email delivery will also provide you with a form to add to your site. Make that form accessible. Put it above the fold. Or even better… put it in a pop-up box. Offer an incentive to sign-up with a free report or eBook. This is permission marketing, so don’t add emails without permission. […]

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